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Mark & I discovered the art of fused glass several years ago and have immersed ourselves in creating beautiful works of art.  We are self taught and continue to experiment and learn as much as we can along this journey.  While my art is sometimes quirky, sometimes whimsical & other times figurative, Mark’s art is often times surreal, whether it be in his landscapes or in other nature-themed pieces.  Both of us tend to approach glass fusing with a light heart and open mind.  


The colors and variety of glass available to us provide much of our inspiration.  We especially love the way light will interplay with the layering and saturation of the glass.  Our designs display beautifully as accents or as architectural installations for interiors and landscapes.  We also have the unique ability to create custom, unique and site-specific pieces of fused glass art.  We welcome the opportunity to work directly with our clients in the design and production of their art.


Glass fusing creates a dynamic that sets it apart from any other art medium.  Our fused glass process, often referred to as warm glass or kiln-formed glass,  begins with sketching a concept or design.  The method continues as we hand-cut each piece of glass.  These pieces are then carefully layered and fired in a kiln to temperatures up to 1500 degrees, permanently fusing the glass together.  The firing process can take anywhere from just a few hours to several days depending on the volume of glass in the kiln.


 Several of our pieces require multiple firings adding depth and shape to the final project. We incorporate many colors and varieties of glass, using both opaque and transparent. While the art of glass fusing is not necessarily complicated, the process can be complex and time-consuming.  The amount of time involved in creating just one piece of fused glass can take anywhere from 10 hours to more than 30 hours not including kiln time.


Many unexpected and wonderful things can happen in each firing that make each piece unique. Happily, glass fusing is an exceptional  process that allows us to be very expressive in our art.

We hope you will enjoy our art as much as we do.

See our fused glass live & in person


127 W. Waters St
Clarkesville, GA 30523



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